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Golden Xtreme (KIJHL) change name... again.


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First off, here's a little background about the logo and uniforms I did for the Golden Xtreme last season.


Earlier today, I found out that the team had been sold, and were going to undergo yet another name change for next season. Seeing as Bobby Hull (yes, that Bobby Hull) is part of the new ownership group, the team is being appropriately the Golden Jets (no doubt at Bobby's request). After contacting the team president this afternoon, I found out that the team plans to go with a red/blue/white color scheme (vintage Winnipeg Jets design), and have already got a logo in place.

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed that my hard work got discontinued so quickly, especially after the 3 months of back-and-forth concepts I sent, and the positive response the uniforms got from the town and the league. I just wish the previous owners had passed my info along, so that I could have come up with a new design for them.

The good news is, I may still be able to maintain a working relationship with the team, since they will likely need a new website, and possibly some print media for programs and advertisements.

So now that the Golden Xtreme have been laid to rest, I can take solace in the fact that one of my designs made it onto an actual team. I even have my own jersey to remember it by: :hockeysmiley:



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heh, guess I'll have to snag a jersey before they run out :D

that, or make bootleg versions and sell em on ebay :hockeysmiley: j/k

I know the name of the place that made the crests. I'm sure they still have it programmed.

But I like the way you think. ;)

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Geez, Ken ... I know the hell you went through the first time around, so I really feel for ya having them change again so soon. But I'm sure whatever they roll out won't be half as good as what you did. Although, Golden Jets is kinda clever under the circumstances. :D

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