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okay, as some of you may or may not know, I am not much of a logo designer... but i still do it anyway.

Anywhoo, i'm working on a logo for my Statik Designs, and i need some help


I am trying to go for simplicity here... a lightning bolt S going through a blue D. I made that, and felt its a little plain.. This is also based off a logo i made yeeeeears ago on paint, a reason it is very simple (not much to bese it off of).

So any advice to spice it up a little would help me out a LOT. after i finish it, i'll be putting it on a ton of concepts (watermark and sometimes the logo), so this is pretty important.

C&C and some help

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Using the lightning bolt as the hole in the D (negative space) is a good idea. I would also suggest giving the bolt steeper angles. Right now the angles on it are 90 degrees at most. I'd say they need to be closer to 135 degrees. You could do this and still make it look like an S.

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