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ECU's new helmet and uniform


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The jersey is bad, but it's just a Nike template. I love the helmet though. If they had been a little more creative with the jersey it could have been a good set. I want to see how it looks with the purple though.

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So they have details of the sword in black- on a dark purple helmet. You can barely see it from the close up picture. Not good.

I noitced the same thing. While they are the "Pirates" the sword cannot be seen from the stands or even on TV, could be better. It will just look like the underline before.

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That site is blocked here at work. Any chance someone can post pictures?

Also, why not post pictures anyway?

Here ya go... don't say I never did anything for ya...



My only complaint about them being... why didn't they reverse the logo for the opposite sides of the helmet? All they did was put the same sticker on each side. On the left side, the sword is pointing backwards. Also, on one side the letters are leaning toward the front of the helmet, and on the other side, they're leaning toward the back of the helmet. Especially in the case of the sword, that just looks lazy.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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