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Orioles Concept - Version 2.0


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Hey ya'll!

After taking into consideration all your comments and opinions, I have come up with Version 2.0 of my Baltimore Orioles: Linking the Eras.... The main changes include:

(1) Adding an updated version of the old "Baltimore" script on the away jersey

(2) Flipping the bird so that it faces the left, as it originally was

(3) Ditching the diamond bird logo, using the cartoon bird on the shoulder

(4) Removing the third outline from the uniforms

(5) Changing the script colors on the uniforms from black to orange


Let me know what you guys think.....

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(2) Flipping the bird...

ok, the baltimore script should look more like the orioles script IMO. I really like the orange jersey though, i think it looks great with that hat. as for the birds, i like them all a lot, except i feel that the cartoon birds mouth is open too much. close it up a little bit and they look good.

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An upgrade, to be sure, but some changes still need to be made.

First, you may consider moving the swinging bird from the right sleeve to the left. Most MLB teams currently display the primary sleeve patch on the left sleeve, facing the TV cameras for right-handed batters.

I'd also like to see a return of the diamond logo, with script though: "Baltimore" on the primary home and Alt. 2 and "Orioles" on the primary road, to provide a companion for the script that's on the jersey. The cartoonish swinging bird simply looks redundant and horribly out of place with the realistic bird on the caps.

Alt. 1 is perfect, and the final change I would suggest is to have the orange bill for the home and road as well as Alt. 2.

Nice work.

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Nice work retooling. I really like the Baltimore wordmark now, but eRay's got a point about it being, well, too pointy to really fit in with the "Orioles" mark. The only other suggestion I have on it is maybe you might want to round the corner into the underscore at the end of Baltimore.

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I absolutely love the cartoon bird and would make that the primary cap logo. The perching bird is very well drawn out but I don't see a place for it in this set.

I can seriously see that cartoon bird with the bat becoming the O's new mascot and selling a ton of plush toys.

Great job!

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