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Nfl.com gone retro


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They've got the old school logos at the top of the page, very slick idea. Interestingly, no Bucco Bruce.

very slick idea i agree, but whats with no bucco bruse and how bout the oilers logo for tennessee?

ah well its still sweet

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yes, there's a few who could go retro. And I have 2 theories on Bucco. First my theories.

1. The Bucs haven't played this week yet (they play tonight), maybe NFL.com is waiting for them to play tonights game.

2. What it's probably is: The NFL and the Bucs want to forget Bucco. With Bucco they were the worst team and it was ugly.

Now to my teams that NFL could have gone retro with but didn't.

Giants- Maybe for reason 1 above, but they could use the Giants script.

Chiefs- Indian with the states behind it

Titans- The Tennesse Oilers logo

Colts- The Colt with football logo

Ravens-The logo they used thier first year

Jets- The Jets script with wing above (or whatever it's called)

Cowboys- The 1960 cowboy on horse logo, but like the bucs they want to forget that

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Ravens-The logo they used thier first year

They had to switch because the creator of that logo sued for copyright infringement -- and won, as I recall.  So no chance of revisiting the original logo.  Frankly, I think the current version is far superior anyway.

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