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winters in buffalo

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EVENT 1: Time Warp

Use any consumer product introduced after 1995, and create a logo and an ad for the product, fitting of the World War II era (1939-1945).

Your ad can be for a magazine, newspaper or billboard. Bonus points for de-evolving the product into something more relevant to the time period.

DEADLINE: Thursday, August 17. 8:00 PM

As a reminder:

Entries must be emailed to wib_logolympiad@yahoo.com prior to the deadline. Subject line should be the Event number. Once you submit your entry, it is considered final.

Entries must be submitted as .jpg, .gif or .png formats. File name format is: event#_yourname.jpg (Ex: event2_wintersinbuffalo.jpg)

All final entries must be 800x600 pixels with at least 70 pixels of white space at the bottom of the image, unless otherwise stated. I will not re-size entries that are not properly done, so make sure it?s right.

Do not include your name or any other personal identifiers on your submission. Also, do not watermark your work. I will add a watermark to each entry before they get posted for judging. I will also provide each entry with a number. You are expected to keep the identity of your entry anonymous until the end of the event. If you think you know the identity of another designer, keep it to yourself. Anyone who exposes the identity of themselves or anyone else will be DQ?d.

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Can like product be non-physical, like entertainment?

As much as I think it should be limited to physical items, I'm not going to limit it. If you want to use a service, or entertainment, go ahead.

Do we have to change the name?

Actually, you have to KEEP the current name. You're creating an old identity for a relatively new product.

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Now for the advertisment whatnot, since Illustrator and modern tools weren't created back then, can illustrations replace computer generated material? I'm wasn't sure if you and the judges wanted only computer gereated material. This is based in the 1930's/40's after all.

Or will that be concidered de-evolving the work made.

Very good question.

The only requirement is that entries are submitted electronically. They can be created using any medium.

This is true for all events.

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What if the product is part of a company that was made before 1995 but the product was made after?

Yes, as long as it looks like the ad was made in the World War II era, like it says in the first post...

*smacks his head*

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What if the product is part of a company that was made before 1995 but the product was made after? But we edit the companies logo?

That's fine, provided the product is uniquely post-95.

Example: you could do one for Motorola's Razr and be OK, but doing one for a recent model Kenmore refridgerator would be pretty stupid.

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so i like i can do one for ipod just has to do with world war II


This event is probably one of the harder ones, so I'll toss out some free advice: a bit of research can make a world of difference. I just did a quick Google search of WWII advertising, and came up with a ton of great examples.

The trick then, is taking something modern and connecting the dots back to that time period.

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