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Redoing the Notre Dame


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I havent done a full uniform concept in awhile so I am coming back with Notre Dame. I was trying to keep this as simple as possible nothing flashy like Oregon or Miami. I dropped Blue from the color scheme and used only white gold and dark green. I only made one change on the helmet (green facemask) which isnt really a big change. The jerseys are simple with just the "ND" as the chest logo except on the alternate which is "ND" on a clover. I did some pant striping which I think looks good. Well enough talking tell me what you think. Upgrade or Downgrade? C&C.




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first things first, I don't really like the home socks. a little too much gold on those IMO.

I also don't like the green pants. It'd be a good look for my high school, or Baylor, or UAB. The Irish don't need them, though. Heh, I'm one of the bus alumni (cus my town aint big enough for a subway), so the farthest I'm willing to go with the gold pants is piping.

I do like the gold jersey, but I'd use green numbers if this was my concept. great minds think similarly, though, as I would've paired one with white pants as well (though my pants would have had blue as well). I'm undecided on whether making the green primary and dropping blue's a good idea, and indifferent on the road jersey...to sum it up, I like the idea, and woulda loved it if you put the ND back on the sleeves.

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