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Fairbanks Fury


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I'm with miltonANDlumbergh on this'n. To improve the bear, here's what I noticed:

- The head seems to be too lean; it should be shorter and wider.

- The nose should be to the left a bit more, it's too close to the near side of the face. It looks like he has a broken snout.

- It could be the nose throwing me off, but it seems like the eyes wouldn't line up properly to create the perspective you want.

- Try to add some more shading/highlights

As for the jerseys/set as a whole:

- You're using three very dark colors, I'd try to lose one of them...I'd suggest keeping the green though. On the away, there is not black, and it's a bit better IMO. On the home, you could probably substitute wither the brown or the black with white.

- I'd put the Alaska shape on both shoulders and move the 88's down on where they traditionally are on a hockey jersey.

- The "Fury" and "Fairbanks" on the logo don't follow the edge of the oval exactly. It doesn't bother me, I just noticed it and thought I'd point it out.

Good start. With some tweaking, I think this shows some great potential.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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