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MLB Cap Sigs


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Pitsburgh Pirates?




Wow, that was quick.

Except I think the correct year for the Pirates is 1887. Or, are you counting the barnstorming years?

Professional Baseball started in Pittsburgh in 1876 though the teams of the era were "independents," barnstorming throughout the region and not affiliated with any organized league, though they did have salaries and were run as a business organization. In 1882 the baseball team in the city joined the American Association as a founding member. After five mediocre seasons in the A.A., Pittsburgh became the first A.A. team to switch to the older, more respectable National League in 1887.


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on chris' site it does say 1876 was the first year of play, so...

Well, technically it was. It wasnt the first year of organized play, but, that date is technically more accurate. Good call.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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