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Bruins concept


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bruins bearhead logo zephyr came up with

where can i get that?

You can view that logo at Zephyr X-Lines Hats.

I posted this at the old board, but I'll post it here to let all respond.

I made a Boston Bruins Concept, and it was originally supposed to be an alternate with a new logo to replace that hideous brown fat mess they've got right now, but the logo I made is more of a primary-type logo.  I think you'll see what I mean when you see the logo. I know that they, for tradition reasons, aren't looking for a new primary at all, but I'd still like to hear everyone's thoughts.

Anyway, without further adieu, I present to you my (copy&paste) Boston Bruins Concept Jersey and my Boston Bruins Concept Logo.

All comments are welcome, please keep the criticism constructive.

Oh yeah, I need to point out that some sources for the logo (no, it's not a totally original creation as many of you will have already noticed) are the (former Vancouver, now) Memphis Grizzlies and the Orlando Solar Bears.

Jersey templates are courtesy Roger Clemente and STL Fanatic.

You can check out my other works as well at my site, SyPhi Creations.

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I am carrying the brown thing over from the other board.

I agree the brown really doesn't work on the bear. I just think it is akward to have brown and not have it for the bear. My suggestion? Eliminate the brown all together. Maybe use a more tan color for the stick. Or maybe go modern and go for an aluminum stick lol.

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