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Early '90s Packers uni changes


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I've heard a few times on the board about supposed planned changes to the Packers' uniforms in the early 1990s under Ron Wolf. Does anybody have any information about what these changes were going to be?

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basically, the changes woulda been:

helmet: metallic gold with green facemask, no stripes, G either stays the same or is reversed (white oval with green G)

home jersey: green, G on each sleeve, white numbers trimmed in gold, no striping

away jersey: white, obviously, G on each sleeve, green numbers trimmed in gold, no striping

pants: solid gold, no striping

socks: green

cleats: they might have been black by now

the shade of gold that woulda been used was one not in use by any NFL team at the time, and is speculated to have been something close to the shade the Rams wear now. We'll likely never know, though.

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Thanks, Discrim. I've been to that page before, but apparently I didn't scroll down far enough or I glanced over it or whatever. I don't know how I feel about those proposed unis. I certainly don't hate them. And it always has annoyed me a little that the green and gold isn't gold at all. The lack of striping is a little weird, but I think I could have gotten used to them.

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Glad you like my site. :D

Personally, I agree about the striping on the proposed uniforms. They're just a little too simple for me.

I would have added one single green stripe down the sides of the pants and down the middle of the helmet. Had they done so, I would have wholeheartedly supported the uniform change.

Ah, who'm I kiddin'? I support it anyway. :P

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Not that far off, actually.

It fits, since the Packers got their original colors of navy and gold from Curly Lambeau's alma mater, Notre Dame.

That's an impressive site - nice work!

Thanks for the kind words. I lost a bunch of my vector files, so I'm very far behind in updating it. I hope to tweak the template so I can make representations of the main uniforms all the way back to the earliest days.

I do have one update to add - the Pro Football Hall of Fame website has a 1951 Canadeo jersey on display - it's a rare look at the kelly green and gold they wore between Lambeau and Lombardi. I hope to put a link up to it tonight, so come take a look tomorrow. It'll be in the 1952 entry.

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