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Red Wings third jersey


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I remember a while back, there was a rumour going around on this board that the Detroit Red Wings might unveil a black third jersey, which nobody thought was a good idea at all.

Earlier today, I remembered that rumour, and thought "They don't HAVE to have black alts" (think of the NY Rangers: theirs just has a darker shade of blue), so I decided to create one of my own...


If this were to be made for the team, it might just keep traditionalists happy: it features the classic style striping, with smaller white stripes at the end of each sleeve (as a nod to the Detroit Cougars' very first jersey, although that one was white). The logo is simply three of the franchise's logos mashed together.

C&C is appreciated as always.

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the logo is pretty cool but besides that its just like th normal jersey. u didnt do anything wrong but with the red wings i think people just keep forcing an alternate for them. teams like detroit and new jersey are doing just fine without an alternate. i'm happy u didnt go with black, but unless the wings add another color or start to push away from their conservative look (which i hope they don't) i just don't see an alternate for them.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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