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NHL uniforms project


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Montréal Canadiens

Home jersey: No major change, except the collet with laces and the Canadiens' 100th anniversary's shoulder patch.

Away jersey: I drop the away current uniforms for the vintage 1944-45 jersey and, of course, i put the Canadiens' 100th anniversary's shoulder patch.

Third jersey: I think that's a good concept. Blue jersey, current Canadiens' logo on shoulders and 1923-25 logo on front for the Canadiens' 100th anniversary.


Vancouver Canucks

Home and away jerseys: I keep the current jersey, but i change silver for white and i drop powder blue (to replace by current red). I put the first Canuck's logo on front and i put the "Johnny Canucks" logo on shoulders (concept by Icecap79).

Third jersey: Classic red uniform like 70's style with shoulders logo and the "Johnny Canucks" as primary logo.

*@Icecap79: This is your logo concept and i remove him if you want.*


Buffalo Sabres

Home and away jerseys: Classic Sabres' color, new logo on front and old logo as shoulder patch. What do you think?

Third jersey:: The first Sabres' uniforms of course! And i put a gray stripes and new logo on shoulders.


Pittsburgh Penguins

Home and away jerseys: I keep current template, but i put old penguins' logo on shoulders.

Third jersey:: First Penguins' logo in front. Current logo on shoulder. Vintage style jersey.


Coming up next, Colorado Avalanche or Los Angels Kings!

C&C welcome ^_^

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Bravo, le bleu est très original... Reste à savoir si la franchise sportive la plus conservatrice embarquerait dans un tel concept ahahha

Bon travail :D


Bravo, the blue one is very original. Now, I wonder if the most conservatist sports franchise would go with such a concept...

Nice work! :D

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First off I'd like to comment on how clean they are. You are a great example to us all.

Habs: You took the few things that were wrong with their current jerseys (road jersey, no lace-ups) and fixed em up real nice. Normally I would be opposed to a blue Habs alt because it's the colour of their rivals, the Leafs. But this seems to work, as there is still enough red on it. Extra points for not using an M as an alternate logo.

Canucks: Very impressive. That Johnny Canucks logo really works here, and it's nice to see an end to the orca.

I can't wait to see the Sabres one.

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habs are a downgrade, in my opinion...

but i'm loving that canucks red alternate. i'd buy it... home and road, i could take or leave. never been a fan of the rink/stick/c logo (as a primary, that is), like some people... but that red alternate is fantastic.

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Congratulations. You've brought Les Habitents into the 21st century while keeping with their roots to a "T". I love the Blue Alt, and I love the throwback look while keeping the consistancy of the other two unis.

The Canucks is equally as good -- I was going to suggest that you use the alt on the blue instead of the red, but I like the "old school" look that you've made with it, so it's not bad at all.

What makes this stand out, I think, is that they are, as mentioned before, very clean. It's all about how you present your work, and the neatness here makes it resonate that much more. Great job.

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