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thing2 Posted on Tuesday, August 15th, 2006 - 13:59:16

Did patsox leave? If not, I hope he sees this.


I just messed around with the eye a little on this version. If anybody has any Criticism that would be almost as good as all the Compliments

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if only patsox were here to see this...

*cough JJWAY cough*

As for mcrosby, m, the force is strong in you.

dude k what is with the patsox phenomena? seriously if he is still able to view the CCSLC page he probly feels pretty good right now for being such a phenom. at least he doesnt feel forgotten. he's the one laughing at us. cause he got a large group of internet strangers to know his name and remember his game.

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jesus :censored:ing christ, people... patsox is in this thread, too?

anyway, this is a fantastic concept. you don't treat paint like a crutch, and why should you? this is better than any hawk i would be able to come up with, and i like to think most of my concepts are fairly polished.

i'm jealous. i wish my high school had used that... maroon and silver, not gold... but that's amazing, man. i really like it.

not to be sensationalist, but i really think this is one of the better bird logos i've seen... pro, amateur, used, or unused :)

but at the same time, that wordmark isn't doing anything for me at all... a little plain and generic...

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dude...this is VERY impressive work - your last couple of logo's have shown your ability well, now...get a more sophisticated program and start doing some real damage, 'cause if you can do THAT level of work in paint, you'll be the man with something as simple as psp

my only critique is that the black lines forming feathers (which also resemble an "m"...they'd be great if the team name started with "m") don't have a real consistent weight - i wonder if they're even necessary? try to remove that entire accent shape and see how it looks (it might look like crap, though)

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