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My Peca of a Day


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So today the NHL Hockeyville practice took place. The player ended up being Mike Peca of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The practice was hard, a lot of stick work involved, but he was really nice. We have tons of autographs that we gave to the kids. Media was involved too. Watch your Toronto Sun, Oshawa This Week, durhamregion.com, Canada AM (Wednesday morning) to see everyone that participated.

I will post the picture of the NHLPA hat Peca signed for me soon!!

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Does he still have that hot wife?

Yes, Kristen. Actually, she's my dentist's daughter. Just one of the reasons I hate him with the fire of 1000 suns. I actually had to switch dentists because I got tired of my dentist bragging about how his daughter was married to Peca. (Well, then he retired, so it's a good thing I switched after all.)

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