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New Southeastern OK State Univ. logo


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If your nickname is deemed "offensive" by some, just add storm or hawks.

St. John's Red Storm

Miami Red Hawks

I would have gone with Savage Hawks instead of savage storm.

Washington's NFL team should change its name to the Redskinhawkstorms.


I personally like "Redhawkstorm".....It's shorter and sounds better... :D

I do agree though.....It seems the majority of these schools use "'Hawks" or "Storm" in their new names...Those names are starting to get OLD....Come up with something a bit more original or at least different....


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SOSU should've just stuck with their ripoff of the San Francisco 49ers logo. It may not have been original, but it was certainly better than this.


Holy crap that was my high school logo. Same colors and crappy rendering and beveling too. Of course we were ST not SE, but wow, thats erie.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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