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Hamilton Tigers


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Ok, thanks for the feedback. The Tigers were a team in like the early 1920's so I wanted to go with a classic/old school sort of look for them. Their colours were black, yellow, and white, so there wasn't much I could do to avoid Bruins comparisions in terms of colour/retro look. However, when they started playing they used an orange instead of yellow. So I switched out the yellow in the jerseys for the orange. Any other ideas of where I could take this design or is it good as is?




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Thought I'd bump this in light of the Pens moving to Hamilton talk. Anyone thinks these jerseys could be used?

i'd just overhaul their uniform package. most people don't even know who or what the hamilton tigers are. most people weren't alive when they were still in there league, so its not like your messing with tradition or anything. i wouldnt' do anything radical but it wouldn't hurt to give them a unique logo set and color scheme. which is probably what will happen when the pens move to hamilton.

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Fonz, you're a terrible message board leader(I know, pot calling kettle black), but you make suprising good concepts. The striping is a tad plain, and I think that if you updated the sleeve logo and make the main logo the sleeve logo, this could be a very nice concept.

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