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Atlanta hawks going retro... and lime green.


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Im personally getting tired of the "throwback" scene.  Thought it wont happen, Id like to see a "turn the clock forward" in the NFL/NBA like the MLB did a few years ago. I remember my brewers, sporting the jerseys with the player names on the front and vertical on the front of the jerseys, and the Mariners in black/red.  Do you guys have pics, remember any of the other teams from that time?
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yeah I saw those unis this morning in the Atlanta paper in an article about 3rd jerseys.  they're gonna wear them 4 times this year.

The Golden State Warriors will wear the 60's San Francisco Warriors "The City" uniforms this year, too.  

Best way to discourage retro in the NBA:  make a rule so it has to be completely retro...in other words, SHORT SHORTS!!!

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Just caught wind of the Hawks' new threads: a lime green retro outfit. Check it:


It might be retro, but damn is it ugly.

i have no problem with throwbacks, however u should only bring back uniforms that look nice. the hawks could have gone with their unis thay had before the current logo. jqk is right. dont trash throwbacks becuse there are a few bad designs. teams come up with bad unis today, and they came up with bad unis years ago.

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Don't damn all throwbacks just becase a few are awful and should stay in the past...

This being one of them...

But there is nothing wrong with a team celebrating it's past...

right on that count. this one shoulda stayed in pistol pete's closet, though.

the good: Brewers throwing back to the 80s, Seattle Pilots and Milwaukee Braves; Oklahoma football in their opener; Michigan State hoops last season ('79 unis)

the bad: this Hawks neon green; Bills' and Jets' half assed throwbacks in 94

all i know is this is an example of how NOT to use lime green.

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