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Nba all star 2003 stuff


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hey what's up everyone...I used to hover around this board a bit back several months ago when it was on a different server.

Anyways, I'm back, and I remember when we were all bemoaning how bad the 2003 NBA AS logo was.

Well, it turns out they have an alternate logo of a cartoonish hawk with a baksketball in front of a star.  They seem to be using it quite heavily on merchandising (as obviously, that primary logo isn't gonna sell much).

They also unveiled their AS jerseys, which are old school style.  Apparently they are exactly the same as the 1988 All Star jerseys, except they will also have the players team logo on the small of the back of the jersey.

Some nice stuff, IMO.  Check it out at the NBA.com All Star store

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welcome back.

i thought this topic was discussed on board bbut it wasnt. it was on the other board. i like the way they brought back the past. i hope the nba stays with they isea of using special jerseys rather than using the teams home and away. gets confusing.

i see that bird logo they have on the banner.. it looks weird.  :laugh:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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