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New Dbacks Colors


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In azcentral.com, the website for The Arizona Republic. It has a story saying that after the World Series the DBacks will introduce new Team colors and Uniforms. From what the story says, the colors will be Maroonish(Sedona red) and Sand. The colors are suppose to represent the colors of Arizona.

Sorry for no link, but here is the Website...... azcentral.com

Funny how this is reported now that the employee in the team shop spilled the beans on the whole project.

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D-Backs changing their colors

Team expected to dump the purple, bring on the red

Nick Piecoro

The Arizona Republic

Sept. 1, 2006

Red is the new purple.

The Diamondbacks are expected to unveil new colors and uniforms at the end of this season, replacing the organization's signature purple with a brick red and tan color scheme that will give the team a makeover heading into its 10th season in existence.

Specifics of the club's new look, first reported by ESPN.com earlier this week after a team shop employee apparently leaked word of the changes to the Web site, could not be confirmed by the organization because of baseball's regulations.

?Major League Baseball rules prohibit us from providing any details regarding proposed uniform or branding changes,? Diamondbacks Executive Vice President Derrick Hall said. ?But I can confirm that there will be some changes for next season and that we are extremely excited about those changes.?

Rules prevent an unveiling from taking place before the end of the World Series.

The club's current colors date to 1995, when Arizona was granted an expansion team and announced that its colors would be turquoise, copper, black and purple.

Turquoise and copper are Arizona colors, while purple was a favorite of Jerry Colangelo, the Suns president who was then the Diamondbacks' managing general partner.

The club is expected to tie in the new red color to the state, according to a league source. The red will be a ?Sedona red,? conjuring images of the area's picturesque red rocks.

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I quote that. For the fan of the d-backs, I would never wear purple. Nice job, can't wait for that new jerseys. I think that they might use the A in the text of Arizona in their road jerseys for the logo.

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^_^ I've kinda liked the D'Backs look but maybe it's time for an update, as this would be their 1st major one, wouldn't it? This notion of "brick and sand" red & tan with "a more realistic D - snake logo" kind of reminds me of the Phoenix, I mean Arizona Coyotes' update from a couple years ago, doesn't it? Curiouser & curiouser it gets . . . :D
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I'm sad to see the color Purple go away. You don't know how many polo shirts, t shirts, and hats that means are no longer "team colors".

I personally liked the Purple and am unhappy that the ownership continues to remove anything associated with Jerry Colangalo from the team.

Now we will look just like everybody else. Too bad that teams lose points for being unique.


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I shall treasure my purple-and-copper Diamondbacks jersey all the more after this transition.

Let's now recite what half the board will say when the new unis are unveiled, shall we, class?

"That looks just like the Astros."

"The Astros called, they want their uniforms back."

Of course, they won't look like the Astros, at least not if the folks designing the new unis have half a brain. After all, how many ballclubs use red and blue and look nothing like each other?

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