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presenting...the Philadelphia Eagles!


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Welcome back to my NFL Re-do Concept Series, folks. So far, I've completed concepts for both the Cleveland Browns and the Tennessee Titans.

And now, we're on to part three. This time my mind's eye had conjured up a concept for the Philadelphia Eagles. It's a tadbit unconventional, so prepare yourselves...

I decided to experiment a litte bit with this one. The Eagles have sported quite a few good looks over the years, wouldn't you agree? (Keep that in mind as you read this.) I have no issue with the midnight green the Eagles employ now, so I kept that, as well as the current set, as a base for remodeling these uniforms. That is to say, colors and numerals remain the same. (In saying that, I'm well aware there's more thana few of you who have a woody for the kelly green Eagles sets. Don't worry--you'll get to bust later. :blink: ) What I did change, though--well, you'll see.

With this concept, I decided to "mix eras" a little bit. With that in mind, I gave the primary/secondary stripes the Ron Jaworski/Herman Edwards treatment. It was NOT easy to execute, but I think I did a fair enough job of it--but I'll let y'alls C&C determine that--after all, that's what C&C is for, right? The sleeves don't include the second triple-stripe, but the sleeve ribs kinda make up for that if you wanna picture it that way. And speaking of the ribbing, on the green tops they're white; on the white tops they're green. And while I'm on that topic, the facemasks are also white. Why? Because i wanted to eliminate as much of the black as possible without completely exiling it; thus it's now relegated to a trim color throughout.

The primary home/road sets now include silver pants. I don't know why the Eagles nixed those in the first place, but I brought them back. The secondary home set includes white pants (goes along with what they have now); the secondary roadies have green pants with white socks. Speaking of socks, all sets except the secondary roadies have midnight green socks now, for the reason I mentioned with the facemasks and ribbing. The white socks that go with the green pants have a broad midnight green stripe, and that was done to match the broad stripe on the sleeve. I'm not entirely sold on that, but I figured that was the best way to give that overall set balance, while avoiding the "leotard" look. I'm not completely sold on my pants striping, but--again--I figured that would have been the best way to do it. (But--again--I'll let y'alls C&C judge that.) I think the overall look of the primary/secondary sets came out pretty crisp--a little of the old with the little of the new.

OKAY--all those of you who been holding yourselves waiting for a kelly green Eagles set can finally let loose. :lol: My 3rd/alt set in this concept is based mostly off the Randall Cunningham era set. I say again--it's BASED off that set; not an exact replica. Really, the only thing I changed about it is the stripes on the sleeves, which match the stripes on the socks. Overall, to me, that looks more balanced--and provides a link to the Chuck Bednarik era, when that double stripe was employed. I thought about doing the Colts-style shoulder loops for this set, too--but backed off that because I already did that with the primary/secondary set. And yes, the helmet does include a gray facemask.

OKAY--now I done talked it; it's time I done showed it.

Presenting the third installment in my NFL Re-do Concept Series...the Philadelphia Eagles!


Let the C&C commence!

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these are almost perfect, i really like them!

my only suggestions (which was said before) are to colorize the home cuffs, and de-colorize the away cuffs. The sleeves look a little over-stripey they way they are now, but other than that, perfectly fine!

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About the only thing I don't like about this set is the alternate uniforms. The jerseys may be based in Eagles history, but when I see them, I think 1990-96-era New York Jets (even though those clearly aren't Champion-style numerals). The rest of the set is an excellent combination of the past and present Eagles uniforms.

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Hey just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate all the C&C thus far.

The more I stare at my 3rd/alt, I myself see eraly 90's NY Jets. (How I didn't see that at first I can't call--maybe my brain was stuck in one of those zones.) I'mma have to go back and refreshen that. The other three? Yeah--liking those. I can see what folks are talking about with the color of the ribbing/cuffs, so Imma go play with that, too. Get back to y'all in a lil bit with an update...sometime soon...

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