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all star jerseys


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hey guys, ive been looking at the all star jersey concept on the board and i like it but i'd like to see teams use their colour scheme for the jerseys. so i went overboard with my concept. its too much, i know, but i dont know how to tone it down, a little C&C would be appreciated.

1st concept


1st edit


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This is exactly why I'm not in favour of the NHL using the host team's colours as the colours for that year's All-Star game. If they keep doing it soon it will just deteriorate into nothing more then slapping NHL logos on the host team's jersey template, which is what you basically did.

Sorry, I'm not a fan.

If you want to use Dallas' colour combo, at least use an original jersey design. There's more then one way to integrate stars into a jersey's striping.

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What they said.

It's too Dallas and not enough NHL. In fact, that's the style the NHL used back in 1994, 96 & 97 in Purple/Black and Teal/White that the Stars copied when they first introduced their current jersey as an Alternate, so actually it's been done before.

It might still work if they brought back that template in Red/Silver & Blue/White, but I wouldn't expect them to revive an old template.


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