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Anibal Sanchez - 9/6/06


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Somewhere, a Boston Red Sox fan weeps.

lol, I'm fine, thanks.

I'm actually very happy with the deal, as Beckett is my fave player in all of MLB, and I'm very glad to have him on my team, as he'll be our ace in the future.

That said, a big congrats to Anibal Sanchez! He and the Marlins are really exciting me lately, and I wish them a boatload of success in their pursuit of the NL Wild Card (and hopefully the playoffs)!

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Has a rookie ever gotten a no no before Sanchez?

On the last play I think he was out but it was very close.

Yeah, Bud Smith did so for the Cards on Labor Day 2001.

Just heard he is the 9th rookie since 1970 to get one. Wow I was way off in thinking he was the first.

BTW-Randy Johnson has a no hitter through 6 for the Yankees.

Now gone with a triple by DeJesus, who got picked off at third.

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Interesting little tid bit I just noticed that no one has mentioned yet. All four of the Marlins No Nos have been against NL West teams, with the Dodgers being the only team to not yet be No Noed by florida.

But they no-noed us.

Ramon Martinez in 95.

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The Marlins have had 4 no-hitters in their 14 seasons in existance.

Meanwhile, the Mets have had....none since they begane play in 1962.

Baseball's a funny game.

That would be the curse of Nolan Ryan :blink:

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