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American CFL Logos and Names


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The Baltimore Stallions logo was the Denver Broncos logo before there was the Denver Broncos logo. (I'm not saying they copied it, I'm saying it was the pre-eminent horse profile of its time... which happened to be one year ahead of the Broncos.) I still like how it looks, regardless of how I feel about the team that wore it.

The San Antonio Texans logo is the only other salvageable one. Kinda got the Dallas Desperados vibe going - remember, this was 1994, not 2003 - and it doesn't look horrible by today's standards.

An argument could be made for the Las Vegas Posse or the Sacramento Gold Miners, but they're just so generic. (Although the Gold Miners logo - just the pickax hitting gold - was popular back in the day.)

The Barracudas logo is one that has aged terribly. The design is not horrible, but the gradients and colour choices - yikes. And I would prefer never to see the Memphis Mad Dogs or the Shreveport Pirates logos ever again.

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Must agree, they are all bad, every one of them.

I actually went to Shreveport and saw Edmonton play the Pirates. I thought that a team named Eskimoes coming to to Louisana at that time of year was pretty funny.

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I have to admit that the Shreveport one always "intrigued" me.

Sure the colour are just plain aweful, put that triangle shape is pretty unique, from a design stand point.

I still don't understand why the Pirate is trapped in it, but it's interesting

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The Stallions logo is easily the class of the bunch on this one. Their uniforms were top-notch, too. Obviously, the blue-and white scheme was there to let Baltimore fans know that they were the CFL Colts (at least they were until that pesky lawsuit.) But the silver added made them look like the Dallas Cowboys with a standardized color scheme.


The Texans logo is a beauty, but the alternate logo is just as great - a block "T" (think old-school Rangers) with a rattlesnake coiled around it. Not only were the logos solid, but the uniforms had some incredibly intricate elements. 4-color numbers, contrasting sleeves, and coolest of all, striping on the helmet and pants that matched the hat band on the logo.



The Gold Miners logo was probably basic to a fault, but the unis were solid - an update on the Sacramento Surge, the owner's previous team. I like the Pirates' logo, which might make me the only one in that regard. Plus, once again, good unis - purple and orange can work well in football. Frankfurt Galaxy and Pittsburgh Maulers, anyone? Of course, I'm required to hate that team, because it involves the Gliebermans, who are like the abusive boyfriend of Canadian football ownership.

The Posse had a halfway-decent logo, bland uniforms, and a lousy nickname. How about "Marshals" to go with that gold star? And as for Memphis and Birmingham... yeeeeeesh. This oughta sum them up.


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The CFL Colts/Stallions logo was also part of the lawsuit. The NFL had approved a Stallion and a horse profile logo for the St. Louis expansion team. When the NFL decided to leave St. Louis and Baltimore as "safe harbors" for teams to move to they decided to rework the logo package for the Broncos. The NFL was upset that Baltimore had the cojones to call their CFL team the Colts. The basis was "people would be confused", the team and maybe the CFL too, did not have the financial strength to fight a long lawsuit. So a settlement was reached the team called themselves the Stallions.

Below is an evolution.




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I always liked the Birmingham Barracuda logo and wish that the NFL could re-use it if Birmingham was ever awarded an expansion team. I also liked the CFL Colts logo and I see it all the time because a guy in my fantasy league uses it for his Mustangs.

The rest of the logos look like AAA baseball or USFL logos...not good.

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The three stars in the logo of the team that became the Stallions represented the three different teams that had used the name "Colts":

1. the AAFC team that came over to the NFL along with the Browns and 49ers in 1950, and folded after one season.

2. the 1953 expansion team that moved to Indy in 1984

3. the CFL team

By the way, the team didn't actually take the "Stallions" name until the 1995 season. They went the 1994 season without a nickname! They were just the "Baltimore CFLs" -- that is even how they were identified by the on-screen graphics for the Grey Cup.

And Baltimore did have the best logos and uniforms as well. I also like the Las Vegas logo (though not the nickname). A letter-based logo is always cool. There aren't enough of those.

To go on a bit of a tangent -- It seems that there is something about the letter group "LV" that lends itself to a nice letter logo. Even the XFL's Las Vegas Outlaws had a good one in the one they intended to use, but which they had to change for reasons so stupid I don't even want to mention. See the original logo here.

(The team's logo was still OK after they changed it. See the one they actually wound up using here. This logo also looked superb on a hat.)

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I always thought the Pirates logo was cool because it was an interesting design. It also looked more...for lack of a better word, "piratey", than that awful old Bucs logo. And I like the color scheme. In a word where we complain about too much navy and black, purple is a good alternative.

The Stallions logo was just flat cool. I think it was the best, followed closely by the Pirates. The Goldminers was unimaginative, but got the point across.

Hated the Texans becaue I still hate that as a team name. The Posse was just too bland (not to mention "singular"). The MadDogs name was a cute response to the NFL's proposed HoundDogs, but it was too cartoonish.

The absolute worst was the Baraccudas. Not because I lost on a logo/name contest submission, but the whole concept was just an insult to the eyes. The team name was about as appropriate as the Miami Mountains, the Kansas City Breakers or the Honolulu Eskimos. And those jerseys. The only redeeming quality of them is that they may have been good for the offense, as the opposing teams would have to turn their eyes away to avoid injury. Absolute monstrosities.

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Here's my input-

Overall, not too great or memorable.

Team by team-

Baltimore--I called them the Colts until they officially became the Stallions--what was the NFL going to do about it?

And actually Stallions is a better name than Colts.

They had the best logo & unis of the US teams.

As for the logos and ripoffs alleged--that's crap.

What they have in common is they are profiles of a horse head--that's it.

The eyes, nostrils, mouths, manes, and necks are all different.

Thy're not ripoffs of the others...

Grade A

Birmingham Barracudas--good name even if, as they admitted BArracudes aren't in Birmingham. The colour scheme was good, but the logo left soemthing to be desired. I liked the unis other than the logo on the front. So this one had lots of untapped potential.

Grade B-

San Antonio Texans--weak name in some ways--but as this was a Canqdian league it had some relevance. The colour scheme was very nice. The snakeskin stripes was a great move. The unis looked good. the Logo? Okay it did say Texans.

Grace B

Sacramento Gold Miners-basically the colour scheme of WLAF's Sacramento Surge--at least they changed the name. The logo wasn't bad--but the white helmets made them hard to see--Gold helmets would have worked better given the name. The colours were a little bright--but they were not huge offenders

Grade C+

Memphis Maddoggs--Ugh--they had 2 different colour schemes--one for home & one for away-they both used green though. The logo wasn't anyhting special--they put the logo on the fron of the uni--which also lost the Cudas points.

A mess really. And the name was rabid!

Grade D

Shreveport Pirates--the name is okay, but the logo--what was up with that? Some points for trying something different though--but that's about it.

The colours were different than the other teams--in their favour--but the shades they chose were not so hot together

Grade D-

Las Vegas Posse--Yawn--logo, colours, and unis--yawn--and for a Las Vegas team.

They should have been flashier--even if they were gaudy.

Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Grade F

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Canadian football is just the term used to describe the game being played, not necessarily the league.

Why are the Blue Jays in the American League?

Why do they play Aussie Rules Football in the United States?

Why does BestBuy ask me for my postal code everytime I look around in there?

I don't know.

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