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Columbus Bluejackets


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Here again, if you saw my Predators thread, this is a continuation of my little project. These are basically the same as the older version, save for some cleaner graphics, a swap of logos and a swap of the pale blue striping for silver.


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Is this template used for a videogame or something? ive seen it around since I began here, but for the life of me I still cant figure out why its so flat. Sorry, but I just gotta know.

I was beat to it, but yes it's for the EA hockey series. The stuff I use is primarily for 2001 and 2002, but some of it can be used for later versions of the game. Well, the jersey, mainly, because the template I use is 4x the size of what you see up there. Every piece of the uniform is fit for the game, but created by users like myself. The jersey is a highly modified version of a template I got from a buddy who goes by PHuCA (from another site.) The socks, gloves and pants are all my creations, save for the pants which are about 50/50 mine mixed with some EA style. The helmets, for the life of me, I cannot remember who created the temp for those.

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