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Logolympiad Vote: Event 8

winters in buffalo

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Here are all 8 entries. Pick you top 3.

Criteria was:

With the proliferation of digital cable and satellite TV, we?ve seen an explosion in the variety of channels that are now available. There?s a weather channel, a golf channel, a cooking channel? hell, there?s even a channel about TV channels.

Your mission is to create a new themed TV channel. You can pick any theme you like, you just can?t use an existing name.

Just a few guidelines on this one:

- Create a name and logo for your channel. If your channel name does not readily identify the theme it will cover, also add a tagline to do so.

- Use the attached template.

- Post your logo and (if needed) your tagline

- Add a screen shot to the TV, with an on-screen graphic (?bug?) to identify your channel. The screen shot should fit within your theme. Use only the logo here, not the tagline.

Voting ends Thursday at 8:oo Pm EDT.









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