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Clinton Irish Blizzard


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I've been lookin at ways to save space on the screen with my concepts, and I've figured the best way to do so is make my own templates and alter my presentation somewhat. At about the same time, I stumbled upon the website of the Clinton Irish Blizzard, a semipro football team, and thought they had a cool (if weird) name that deserved something more distinct than a green wishbone C. So, here be the first shown draft of my CIB set...


and the aforementioned Scrim template makes its CCSLC debut right about now...


I am considering ditching the snowflake-C logo altogether, as you see I didn't use it on any of the uniforms I featured, though I might when I freshen up the template. their present uniforms look the part of green Notre Dame, but not so much any kind of blizzard, so I decided to ice things up a little: instead of regular white, I used an extremely light blue in its place, which I dubbed "ice white"

(yes, I know actual ice is clear, but clear doesn't work too well on jerseys).

how bout some C&C on both the whole set and the template (I know the template could use work)

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I'd almost rather see orange trim used sparingly than gold used as a secondary color (check out the uniforms for the Irish national soccer team as a reference). Otherwise, I like these on its own merits.

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While I find your efforts to meld the two rather disparate elements of the Clinton Irish Blizzard's name into one cohesive family of logos, I'm just not "feeling" much of this package.

First, I find the primary mark to be weak. Both the squared-off leaves of the clover and the "wavy" manner in which the leaves are rendered work against the mark having a strong "Shamrock" feel. I'm assuming that the rectangular rendering of the clover leaves was settled on to more readily accomodate the mark's snowflake elements, but it just doesn't work for me.

Ditto for the fact that the aforementioned snowflake elements are separated from one another within the shamrock outline. The end result of that decision is that said snowflake elements don't really register as such. They look more like an iconic rendering of the tail of an arrow.

As for the interlocking "IB" alternate logo, it works as a stand-alone element. However, when melded with the "H" in "IRISH BLIZZARD", said element muddies the wordmark.

Ironically, the "snowflake-C" logo that you're thinking of eliminating is, to my mind, the strongest element of the current package. While it doesn't do anything in the way of incorporating the "Irish" portion of the team's name (beyond color), I find it the most graphically pleasing element in the package.

Overall, nicely rendered from a technical standpoint, but I believe that you still have a long way to go in seamlessly melding the "Irish" and "Blizzard" elements of the team's name in a single logo package. Then again, that undoubtedly has a great deal to do with the fact that "Irish Blizzard" is a horribly strained team name.

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  • 4 weeks later...

after a month, I present you version 1.1 in page form...

Irish Blizzard on Discrim Productions

and for those too lazy to pay me a visit, i post the updates here!





admittedly, i don't give much of a damn how the template looks as long as the whole thing resembles a jersey, helmet and pants, I just care about how the uniform and logos look. anyways, I fixed the H in the wordmark, modified the shamrock slightly, and made several uniform changes: the helmet logo changes from the shamrock to the snowflake-C (I used a slightly lighter green outline to make the whole thing pop more). the shamrock is moved to the sleeves, the IB logo is moved to the front left chest, and the Irish Blizzard wordmark is moved to the back. the snowflake-ended striping is absent from the gold pants and both jerseys, with the only use of any striping being on the ice white alt pants. In addition, the number font changes from Crystallized to the 95-99 Patriots numbers.

in the words of Bill O'Reilly, what say you? B)

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Could I have a blank copy of the new template? I really like it.

As for the concept I really like it. The green and gold look good together.

Thanks...and yeah, I'll post one. I don't figure DRW files would be of any use to most of you, but strangely enough I can save in photoshop format (don't ask me why, I dunno). So, I figure I'll fix the template up slightly and post it as a PSD a little later.

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Discrim, I really like this. The logos are all very creative...like BiB said, I think the snowflake/shamrock logo could use a little work making the two elements mesh a little better...but overall, I think it's a solid effort. Great job!

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I really like the logos, they're very creative. :) As for the uniforms themselves, what happened to the insanity? :P They look good, though. What font are you using for the numbers?

the insanity: semipro teams can't typically afford insanity (unless it's the Miami template) :D shoot, some cant' afford matching jerseys

the font: Patriots throwback (essentially the Carolina Hurricanes font)...search for a poster named eriqjaffe, he got NFL, MLB and NHL fonts in his sig.

@niner: yeah, it still looks like it needs something. probably gonna do some heavy modding to it, as I got an idea in my head.

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