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Brooklyn Cyclones/Tri-City ValleyCats


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The "ValleyCats" wordmark isn't in anything close to the proper font, either. That looks like some variation of Arial, for crying out loud.

Helvetica Bold (thankfully, not Arial). :)

Not sure why they didn't set it in Kabel like the Astros did.

Also not sure why the Cyclones wore "Mets" while the ValleyCats kept their own name.

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Those Met jerseys look nice with no names on the back! (The Valley Cats' jerseys, not so much.) It would have been nice if they had used Met caps instead of their regular caps, as the Astros' team did.

Even though the 1986 caps were blue, I like seeing those great orange ones. The Astros' orange caps were unique, and were as distinctive as the Padres' brown-and-yellow (I could do without the orange addition to those Padre caps).

I hate it when a team abandons a color that was distinctively theirs. Even if the Astros and Padres changed the style of their unis over time, they should have kept the orange and the brown/yellow caps, respectively, and should have used those colors for all future uni designs.

Homer Simpson once said: "Who needs new music? Everyone knows that rock and roll reached perfection in 1974." The same can be said for baseball caps.

Teams whose caps in 1974 were better than any subsequent cap design they ever came up with:

* Astros (orange)

* Padres (brown, w/yellow curvy panels in front)

* Pirates (yellow crown)

* Phillies (swirly P)

* Orioles (smiling bird)

* A's (Kelly green)

* Brewers (yes, I mean the "Michigan" M)

* Expos (tricolor)

Honorable mention -- teams whose 1974 caps were great, but who later came up with even better caps

* Red Sox (red crown) - the solid blue cap should be untouchable

* Giants (orange brim; straight-line serifs on SF) - black cap and multifaceted serifs are the classic Giant look

* White Sox (red) - the current black caps are marginally better

* Braves (lower-case A; white front panels) - trumped by the return to the Boston-Milwaukee caps

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does anyone realize that your talking about short season single A ball? I wouldnt expect the greatest looking uniforms from any team (though some do)

What's your point?

The NY-Penn League has some of the best designed logos and uniforms in minor league baseball..Brooklyn Cyclones, TriCity ValleyCats, and Vermont Lake Monsters.

What does them being minor league have to do with them looking good or not?

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I think that's the third minor-league team I have seen go to the Astros orange retro jersey with a different team nickname on the jersey the last three years ... the Rockford RiverHawks, TriCity Valleycats, and the New Orleans Zephyrs. The Myrtle Beach Pelicans wore an UltraStripe jersey last year, but with teal, gold, and black stripes.

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Those Mets jerseys look like they've been around since 1986, passed to a minor league team and then stored in some musty warehouse in Queens for a decade--very ill-fitting.

Yes, I understand that this is most likely due to teams stocking their rosters with new players (temporary promotions/demotions or rehabbers like Matsui) for the playoffs, with no time to get them fitted.

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