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Ben Curtis


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this is kind of an old story, but I am watching the 84 Lumber Classic now on ESPN and I noticed Ben Curtis wearing a steelers visor that had the RBK vector on one side, and the Titleist logo on the other. I looked into it and it turns out he has a deal to wear the NFL team logo and colors that are closest to the site of the PGA match. I find this cross-sport promotion kind of odd and thought maybe those of you that don't watch much golf would like to hear about it. In a twist to this story, this year's 84 Lumber Classic is in Farmington, PA, and thus Curtis is wearing the Steelers visor and colors, but i found this story about how Ben Curtis is a Browns fan and would never ever wear the Steelers colors. looks like he changed his mind. what does everyone think about this kind of promotion?

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