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Washington Capitals


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Last time I went with the old rumored logo they were supposedly were going to switch to years ago, this time I'm going with current colors and logos. I'm in love with the first two, but I haven't really decided on the third. (since that's the case, there's a good chance it will get scrapped.)



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They look alittle too much like their rival, the Penguins.

Other than that they look great. Love the third.


Other than the fact that they have striping on the arms and bottom of the jerseys (much like Anaheim and Calgary, to an extent) I really don't see the similarity.

Thank you for the comments, though. :)

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The striping on the home and road doesn't match. Personally I like the extra line on the roads better, but that's just me.

The "extra" stripe one the road just cuts into the bronze stripe. It covers the same space, it's only added for better definition and color "connection" continuity. (ex: Blue only touches white, bronze only touches black and white.)

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