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Jags tonight


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i heard del rio doesnt like all black, thats why i suggest they do something like this



Man that looks good. Can you do one with black jersey/teal pants?

sorry man but this was actully a 5 sec. paint job just using copy and paste with the jerseys that are already here. i dont really think my attempt would be that good but when i finish a concept i'm working on now i'll try it.


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That was the dumbest sign I've ever seen on ESPN. Ever.

Of course you'd say that, being from Pittsburgh. :D

I really didnt notice the Jaguars uniforms, nor the crowd last night.

I noticed.

I noticed a lot of black and "gold" (it's YELLOW--I don't care what anyone says.)

I also noticed a lot of teal.

I also noticed them boys, just as I predicted, was doing some hitting.

I also noticed them boys doing most of the hitting was them boys in TEAL.

I also noticed that the city of Pittsburgh is in mourning this morning. (pun VERY intended). I know because I'm up here.

I also noticed that last night Pittsburgh got that ass smacked BACKWARDS!!!

TOTAL DOMINATION (if you can call nine points that)...but my favorite line?

Jacksonville 9, Pittsburgh BLANK!

Let me say that again...BA-LLLAAANNNK!!!

(I needed something to go right this weekend--FSU lost to Clemson, my boys in Tampa got smacked upside the head AGAIN after they themselves got blanked last week...but my boys down in Duval did the damn thang tonight. And today the entire city of Pittsburgh hates me. I LOVE IT!!!)


And that sign is hilarious in its bluntness.

And the Jags should go to teal jerseys/black pants full time, it looks phenominal and, most importantly, the PANTS MATCH THE HELMET. :D they just need some teal socks to get rid of that black tights look.

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