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New Utah Logo?


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I was browing rivals and an add for Lowe's Shopping Card came up and this card caught my eye:


I've never seen this logo before. Anyone have a bigger version or an explanation. I know Swoop is the name of their mascot but I've never seen it have its own logo.

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I'd only seen the Swoop head before, which looks pretty darn good. I too, would love to see it up close. Perhaps our friend BarnesDesign may have a better copy. Yoo hoo...! Paging Mr. Barnes.

You should show us a scan of your credit card while you're at it! :P

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Mascot/Nickname History

In the earliest days of University of Utah recorded history, the students and alumni referred to their athletic teams as both the "Utes" and the "Redskins." The dual nickname was officially dropped in favor of "Utes" in 1972, when college campuses became sensitive to the concerns of tribal members. The University of Utah uses Ute as its nickname with permission from the Ute Tribal Council. Although the University of Utah nickname is still Utes, the school introduced a mascot in 1996, with permission from the Ute Tribal Council. "Swoop" represents a red-tailed hawk, a bird indigenous to the state of Utah.


Right now these logos are just for the mascot. If Utah is ever forced to stop using Utes as a nickname, it looks like they have a back-up plan in place.

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