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baseball card help...


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one of the cops i work with at the po-po house has had this box of really old baseball cards for years now....

kept in a relative's closet for about 60 years, he says... and he's had them in his closet for like an additional 20 years, from what he says.

he says they're called "a galaxy of baseball stars"... and it's a canary box... with both NL and AL.

Rogers Hornsby, Burleigh Grimes, Melvin Ott, William H. Terry, Babe Ruth... about 25 cards, i think he said.

he's not really interested in selling... just wondering how much they're worth.

i figured this would be a good place to ask, since there's an expert on just about anything someone on this forum.

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Cole - Have your co-worker try this link: http://www.oldbaseball.com/ Look under "The Library" on the left menu. There are a bunch of checklists, some even with pictures, that might help him identify the cards. That site is not one where you'd be able to determine a price, as its goal is to collect the beat up cards that are fondly remembered from childhood.

If possible, have him scan one or two -- I might be able to ID it from that, and then direct you toward prices. If all else fails, pick up a copy of the Beckett Annual Price Guide (the book, not the magazine). If it exists, it's in there. Even if you get a book that's a year or two old, the prices of old cards like those are unlikely to have changed significantly.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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