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Logolympiad Vote: Event 11

winters in buffalo

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Replying to a PM

Is the Entry #3 package complete as it was submitted to you? If so, are you advising voters to consider the designer's alternate uniform design in place of a secondary logo/wordmark?

Entry #1 (Kinkajous FC) has earned my first-place vote, regardless. However, if the designer of Entry #3 simply ignored the secondary/wordmark requirement, I'd be inclined to look past his wonderful artwork and give Entry #2 my second-place vote.

Please consider them all as-is. Entry 3 doesn't have a secndary, and entry 1 doesn't ID the city, yet both are visaully complete packages.

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Another great battle, and a fairly close one at that.

But the dust has settled, and a winner emerges...


Our silver medalist, with his 6th if these games, is GehttoFarmBoy, for Entry #3.


And our gold medalist, with 7 so far, is roxstarmedia, for Entry #1

For the record, Frenchie was entry #2.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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