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Yet Another Rams Concept


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It's the current colors, with a little bit of the 70s design (horns on the sleeves), and totally new elements altogether.

And yes, those pencil thin things are pants stripes.

I hope you like this; if not, that is okay too.

If any of you like some of the elements and want to do a more professional looking concept, have at it.

Thanks for viewing.


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While I'm not a fan of the contrasting shoulders on the dark jersey, I think the white set has tons of potential. Reverse the blue / gold on the shoulder / sleeve of the white jersey, so that the horn will match the helmet, and the shoulder won't contrast as much. Make the pants stripe a single gold stripe (like the Steelers' black stripe, only slightly thinner) so it mimics the helmet as well. I'm cool with either number font, and I like the R in the collar.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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