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And now...let's go visit them boys up in Seattle!


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I'd say this series is rolling along pretty good, wouldn't you? Before I continue, here's a litst of teams I've already completed:

Cleveland Browns

Tennessee Titans

Philadelphia Eagles

St. Louis Rams

New Orleans Saints

SO...let's head up to the Pacific Northwest, shall we?

Let me get this out there: I, for one, happen to like Seattle's new look. I can even understand the whole monochrome thing--trying to look "dark" and intimidating. The understanding I have behind this new "Seahawk blue" is that they wanted a hue that best represented the pacific northwest area, and in particular the weather, which, as I understand it, is pretty stormy for the most part, which may explain the half-slate/blue-gray concoction, which I will heretofore refer to as "Puget slate". It looks okay on screen, but on TV and in photos half the time it looks grayish blue or just plain gray--which I guess is exactly what they were going for. Whatever--its "Puget slate" to me.

I'll also go ahead and get this out there now, just to save the suspense: I didn't create a retro throwback in royal and kelly for this concept. Sorry, guys. Not that I didn't like them--but I decided to go a different direction this time. (I do have a special surprise for those of you who decided to tune in, however...keep reading on!)

I DID, however, carry over the numeral font from the old Seahawks sets to these, just to try to keep that tie-in to the past--and plus, I don't see why Seattle canned them in the first place for their uniforms if they still use them for their practice jerseys. That number style was unique--i don't think any other team was using it. Only difference is this time, I outlined the numbers with navy, same way the Seahawks do now. While we're on those shirts, the navy sleeves the Seahawks have now are white in this concept--it keeps with my little "rule" of flip-flopping--what's colored on one set is white on the other and vice-versa (or whatever two colors are opposite on whatever team's set.) On those white home sleeves is that nice little unused alternate logo sitting in the Seahwaks' branding package collecting dust--maybe because it could also be mistaken for a "Seattle-ized version of the kelly-era Philadelphia Eagles logo. (I'm amazed I even took the time to pen-tool that thing in Illustrator--THAT was a royal pain 4 sho'!)

Also, I brought back the silver pants from the past. Oh yeah--silver is BACK--at least for the primary home and aways. The secondaries for both include the Seahawk blue--er, Puget slate--pants they use now. (Yes I know that creates a monochrome home look--but the team would do it anyway so there you go.) I kept the striping from the current pants, along with the same collar/sleeve ribbing from the current Seahawks set; only difference is that I widened the pants stripe a little and flanked it with two thin stripes of Puget slate. Don't know if that was a good move or not, but I'll let you all decide that. I didn't touch the helmet, since the fans voted on that one, so I left it as is. As for the socks, the primaries have Puget slate socks, and the secondaries now have white socks with navy/Puget slate stripes, to mimic the look of the back of the Seahawk logo's head. I think the overall look kinda "brightens up the Seahawks" a lil bit, even if they prefer to look dark and stormy. (I know it's a contradiction, but what the hell...)

Now for the third outfit in this set, I did something a wee bit different. Remember that unused alternate logo I mentioned? Well, in keeping with the theme of "alternate", I decided to slap THAT on SILVER domes for the third outfit, and include a NAVY jersey with Puget slate number trim and white sleeves. (Striping/ribbing and pants remain the same as the primaries.) The primary logo is found on these sleeves in place of the alt logo. I think it creates a truly "alternate" Seahawk look. Squint your eyes, and (color notwithstanding) you can almost see the old-school Seahawks set.

Okay, so that's the intro to THAT set. (I say "that" for a reason...stay with me here.) And here it is...my re-done version of the Seattle Seahawks!


C&C as always appreciated...however, this is NOT ALL that I've done to the Seahawks...

Stay tuned for my SPECIAL edition of this concept!

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these arn't really doing it for me. i dont like the grey pants and i i dont like that you keep the different color shoulders. because that is one thing i really dont like. What i would love the seahawks to do is to update there old jerseys with the wrap around logo. i do like that you used the alternate logo but i really dont think it goes with the jerseys.

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As a Seahawks fan since the day they entered the NFL, I'm afraid I have to say that I'm not "feeling" these. I'm particularly unimpressed with the use of the "flying Seahawk" logo in this uniform package, as I feel that it pales in comparison to the updated primary mark.

While I would have preferred that the Seahawks simply apply their new color palette to their old uniform template when they updated the logo, I've come to accept the new uniforms. My only major change with them would be to eliminate the monchromatic Seahawk Blue set. I'd opt to pair the Seahawk Blue jersey with White pants.

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(I'm amazed I even took the time to pen-tool that thing in Illustrator--THAT was a royal pain 4 sho'!)

I just thought I'd let you know, I traced that in Illustrator about a year and a half ago and it took a few weeks to do. If you want it, I can send it to ya.

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Okay...so maybe this wasn't one of my better renditions. hey--it happens.

BUT, I have taken the liberty of updating this right quick. I kinda figured the first rendition would raise some questions--hell, I had them myself before I put them up, but most got answered in the previous C&C. SO...I present to you, the Seattle Seahawks update. (And for those of you waiting for the special edition...it's coming, so stay tuned!)

For starters, all silver is eliminated from the primary/secondary sets. The pants are now white and "Puget slate". (I told you--that's MY name for it.) And speaking of that color, I got two different samples of it, and with this monitor I'm using being bright as I-don't-know-what, it's really kinda hard to tell which version is closer to the real thing. But anyway, the "seahawk blue" is darkened in this one, to match the other sample of the color I have. Also, i pulled the secondary "Philleattle Seagle" logo off the sleeves of the primary/secondary sets and put on the primary Seahawk head logo. That "seagle" logo is now on the sleeves of the 3rd/alt set.

Any better? Any worse? Lemme know...cuz here it is!


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Yes. White pants with the blue jersey. That's exactly what I think they should be wearing now. However, I am a little iffy on the white sleeves of the blue jerseys. Looks kinda weird. But no big deal. Honestly, I really do like the alt. It brings back silver without having to clutter of the "everydays" with it. Overall, an excellent piece of work my friend. B)

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man i love all of your redos.....cant wait for next teams

how long till NYJ???

Actually, that is one of the teams I'm working on now. Whichever gets done first is the one that gets presented first. (For those who are curious, the Chargers is another team I'm mashing up ideas for...but I don't know which will be next to be presented yet...)

However, I DO have another concept ready to show. Remember that "other version" I mentioned at the beginning of this thread? Well...here it is!

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