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Washington Nationals Concept


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yeah, forgot about that, I'll do a quick edit.


here we go..


EDIT: (Again)

for those you with vision problems, I've made a larger one in the chris creamer format/ template

EDIT: (for the third time)

Also, I've been getting some complaints about the watermark, so I've toned it down.


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I like that jersey. Simple and classic. I think they need to get the loopy "W" off of their hat, though (as many here say) because it does not match their look at all.

Solid effort.

BTW--Am I wrong or does the small picture show a left sleeve patch? What is that?

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Make the hat solid navy with maybe a red W. Right now it looks too much like the Braves, as well as, for some reason, I just never thought contrasting crown/brim hats ever looked good with pinstripes. I always thought solid color ones looked better. Hmm. That's just me, though. Plus, making the W red helps it match better with the lettering on the jersey (the way the hat looks now does match with red lettering on the jersey, but see my previous statements.) Or maybe change the DC to navy and leave the number red, or vice versa. Whatever you do, I do see a lot of promise in this. It's really not such a bad idea. But DO tone down that watermark a bit. Peace. Word. B)

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Also move the numbers up on the jersy so they're level with the DC logo. Otherwise it looks pretty good.

I'll have to disagree, I think I like the numbers on the lower part of the jersey better. That's just my opinion though. Everything looks great. The only thing I don't like (for some reason) is the blue sock with the red belt. Just my opinion. Nice work though. ^_^

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Very nice rendering of a Twins alt jersey. Oh, it's the Nats. Nevermind.

What, just because they share a red white and blue color scheme, that makes them look like the twins?

Twins Alternate:


Mine: LargerDCedited2yeah.jpg

I can agree they look similar, but I wasn't basing it on them. I wanted to go for a patriotic red white and blue approach, instead of just having red at home and blue on the road.

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