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VOTE: Logolympiad Event 12

winters in buffalo

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I think the #4 entry is really nicely done, but I'm not voting for it, because it didnt follow the rules. Thats a game logo, not field art. Field art is end zones, yard markers, numbers, etc. Please follow the rules next event.

Gold - 2 - excelelnt historical accuracy. This is certainly the most like what the field really would have looked like in the early 60s.

Silver - 3

Bronze - 5 - nice and clean, but downgraded for use of modern helmets.

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G - #2 (whoever did this, I hate you, because it's historically accurate...lol)

S - #4 (I know it doesn't follow the rules, but it's pretty damn good nonetheless!)

B - #5


Don't blame the entrants for not following the rules, JR. We're the dumbasses that vote for them :P

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