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T.O. attempts suicide


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Ahh the NFL's best soap oprea the world turns around TO is getting intersting, this trully is bizzare on all levels hes going to hurt the Cowboys clubhouse in time too just watch

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A couple of things...

They tried to induce vomiting at the hospital. This is not the treatment for an alergic reation. Its the treatment to ingestion of toxic materials, aka 35 pain killers.

2, yes they can allow someone who just tried to commit suicide to "sign themselves out." A friend of mine took a half bottle of asprin in an attempt to kill herself (a cry for attention like was said before) and dispite the fact she told everyone what she tried to do, and the fact they had to pour charcoal down her throat to make her vomit; they released her later that night. Now, I believe this varies state to state. This was wisconsin. As someone said, its not illegal to kill yourself in texas (or attempt), so it seems you could be released immediatly after. A caller on the Jim Rome show was a doctor in Cali (I think) and there if 2 doctors believe you are a threat to yourself or others, they can hold you for a period of 72 hours.

Honestly, it doesn't surprise me if it was indeed an attempt on his life, or the fact that he would cover it up. It seems like his outward personality is so over the top that it could be compensating for being depressed. As many people that hate him as well, I can see that causing depression. Money and fame do not buy happiness. We'd all love to have that kind of money, but would we all want to have our every move monitored by hordes of reporters, photographers, and fans? I sincerely doubt it. I'm not saying I know it for a fact (that he's depressed and covering with his personality), or I've seen it in others, I'm just saying that it could be a case. I know in the past I've been very depressed (not so much that I attempted or considered suicide or even got professional help) that I actually would become "uberhappy" in public so people couldn't see it.

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Personally, I can't imagine this wasn't a suicide attempt.

Was Tuesday night the first time TO had ever taken those supplements and painkillers together? Seems unlikely. And why would his publicist, who was the one who originally called 911, gave the information about TO continuing to put pills in his mouth as she tried to stop him, and said that TO told her that he tried to hurt himself, suddenly change her story?

Regardless, I think the media circus around this guy is disgusting. I would much rather read news articles about things that actually matter in the NFL. No matter what actually happened, there are better things to spend time on than writing or reading another article about how TO is still f***ed up.

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