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High School Football Jersey


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This is a concept for a high near my hometown. The helmet is what they use currently, which is just a recolored version of the NY/NJ Hitmen logo. The uniforms are my own creation. The USA basketball and Miami Hurricanes jerseys were inspirations. The team currently uses a template similar to the Denver Broncos. C&C appreciated.




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Nice work. I'd add some neck and sleeve trim as someone else suggested. And the numbers do need an outline. On the pants. I myself would ditch the black pants in favor of white or silver. As to the stripe across the rump, I'm not sure that would be practical for football pants. Football pant backs are either a three- or five-panel construction and all those seams at a major stress point may not hold up. Also using braid wouldn't work, either. The braid would eventually pop its stitches and come loose.

As for the helmet, try the Texas Longhorns logo and put the "H" on the front since you don't have stripes.

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