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Surprises in NBA Live 07


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In NBA Live for PC, I don't see any easy way to "unlock" the new jerseys within the game; but the files are there if you manually type the information into the database file for the uniforms.

Charlotte and New Jersey alternates are there but not in the database, they can be manually added.

Philadelphia's alternate is gone, and there is no new one present.

No alternates are present for Houston or Orlando.

Interestingly, the unused Milwaukee alternate is there, but the file format is for NBA Live 06 and if you try to put it in the game, it's corrupted and looks bizarre.

And, there are two mysterious alternates I had heard nothing about - a straightforward light blue Utah, and a truly bizarre black and gold Washington alternate.

I took screenshots, what's the best way to upload?

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That Jazz alt is sweet, that shade of blue looks really good. On the other hand, I'm skeptical on the Wizards alt, what was it inspired by? Was this designed in the same thought of the Mavericks alt?

I wonder when the light blue fad will get old.

And when was the last time a NBA team wore a different color jersey and shorts? The only ones I can think of are those 1946 Chicago Stags throwbacks the Bulls wore:


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Am I the only one who noticed that the "crowd" only has like THREE fans?

No seriously...there's only 3 or 4 fans in the whole crowd...they're just repeated over and over...

That's kinda funny.

Side note: those Wiz' uniforms...I actually kinda LIKE them!

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