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WSU Cougars Concept


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I heard something about something different for wazzu tomorrow so i just brainstormed a bit and came up with my own idea for what it just may be.

I like it.

I'm satisfied with the result.

Used the falcons sleeves. m&l's template. wsu logo from sportslogos.net

the rest is all me i think.

made in MS Paint (not an excuse. i spend a good couple hours on this)

tell me what you think!



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The outline on the number font should be grey, not black. There is no black anywhere else in the concept. I would make the home pants grey/silver, with red socks. The lower socks should be white. I'd also use a red colar and sleeve cuffs on the home. The away looks really good. The same thing goes for the grey outline on the numbers. I'd also change the socks. Maybe grey? And the lower socks should again be white. You could also try grey pants on the away(if you do this use red socks for the away) too and make the red pants alternates.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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