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OK, you are only allowed ONE...JUST ONE ENTRY in EACH category....no lists or honorable mentions...

Favorite NFL Logo....... ......Seahawks (loved it ever since '76...new one even more)

Least Favorite NFL Logo..... Jets (Sorry, just not a fan of letter logos)

Favorite MLB Logo............. Orioles (The oriole against the diamond backdrop...class)

Least Favorite MLB logo...... Indians (No matter where you stand on the indian-as a mascot issue.... I can see where Indians might be offended on this one...)

Favorite NHL Logo .............. Blackhawks (I'm a Chicagoan but I wager this one scores high)

Least Favorite NHL Logo ..... Wild (Couldn't they have jsut left the NorthStars name for the new team?)

Favorite NBA Logo................ TimberWolves (Great logo...too good for B-ball....too bad it couldn't be for NFL)

Least Favorite NBA Logo........Raptors (It looks like Barney...make it more ferocious looking, please!!!)


Other Pro League Favorites (if known)

Lacrosse .............Colorado Mammoths (Wow, that's a logo!!!!)

NFL Europe............ Hamburg Sea Devils (Lately, my favorite logo)

CFL (Canadian Football League) Birmingham Barracudas..(defunct)

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Favorite NFL logo: Bucs flag

Least Favorite NFL: Giants NY

Favorite MLB: Pirates pirate head

Least Favorite MLB: Phillies P

Favorite NHL: Hurricanes flag on hockey stick

Least Favorite NHL: NY Rangers shield

Favorite NBA: Wizards primary (for lack of a better description)

Least Favorite NBA: Bobcats cat head.

Favorite IL: Columbus Clippers ship

Least Favorite IL: Richmond Braves script "R"

Favorite PCL: Sacramento River Cats cat & bridge

Least Favorite PCL: Memphis Redbirds batter in oval (Has absolutely nothing to do with the name)

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Favorite NFL Logo: 1961-1973 San Diego Chargers

Least Favorite NFL Logo: Atlanta Falcons

Favorite MLB Logo: Houston Colt .45s

Least Favorite MLB logo: Seattle Mariners

Favorite NHL Logo: Detroit Red Wings

Least Favorite NHL Logo: Columbus Blue Jackets

Favorite NBA Logo: 2002-2005 Detroit Pistons

Least Favorite NBA Logo: Los Angeles Clippers

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Favorite NFL Logo....... TB Bucs flag.

Least Favorite NFL Logo..... Browns for lack of one or a "dawg" that doesn't make sense at all to push a dog cuz your fans are "dawgs"

Favorite MLB Logo.....The Pirates. Finally a "tough" Pirate...to bad the team isn't tough.

Least Favorite MLB logo...... TC of Minnesota. It bugs me.

Favorite NHL Logo ...Panthers. I like the violent looking panther.

Least Favorite NHL Logo ...whatever the Thrashers trot out. I especially dislike the robotic looking one.

Favorite NBA Logo The Bulls logo is pretty good and I like their colors.

Least Favorite NBA Logo Warriors. It looks like some reject superhero that Ben Afleck would play in a straight to DVD movie.

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MLB favorite: Mets! It's a classic and should never be touched

MLB least favorite: Yankees. Looks wimpy, and why does the bat extend outside the logo?

NHL favorite: Phoenix

NHL least favorite: Buffaslug!

NFL favorite: J-E-T-S, good old-school logo.

NFL least favorite: Elvis Patriot

NBA favorite: I think the Buck look good

NBA least favorite: Clippers

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AFL favorite: New Orleans VooDoo

AFL least favorite: Kansas City Brigade

CFL favorite: Hamilton Tiger-Cats

CFL least favorite: Calgary Stampeders

MISL favorite: Detroit Ignition

MISL least favorite: Chicago Storm

MLB favorite: Seattle Mariners

MLB least favorite: Cleveland Indians

MLL favorite: Boston Cannons

MLL least favorite: Chicago Machine

MLS favorite: Houston Dynamo

MLS least favorite: DC United

NBA favorite: Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA least favorite: Chicago Bulls

NFL favorite: Jacksonville Jaguars (My beloved Seahawks are a VERY close second.)

NFL least favorite: Washington Redskins

NHL favorite: Minnesota Wild

NHL least favorite: Tampa Bay Lightning

NLL favorite: Colorado Mammoth

NLL least favorite: Philadelphia Wings

WNBA favorite: New York Liberty

WNBA least favorite: Los Angeles Sparks

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CFL favourite: Hamilton Tiger-Cats

CFL least favourite: Ottawa Renegades

EPL favourite: West Ham United

EPL least favourite: Bolton Wanderers

MLB favourite: Boston Red Sox

MLB least favourite: Colorado Rockies

MLS favourite: Toronto FC

MLS least favourite: Kansas City Wizards

NBA favourite: Boston Celtics

NBA least favourite: Minnesota Timberwolves

NFL favourite: New Orleans Saints

NFL least favourite: Houston Texans

NHL favourite: Montreal Canadiens

NHL least favourite: Tampa Bay Lightning

NLL favourite: Toronto Rock

NLL least favourite: Rochester Knighthawks

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NFL Favorite-Tennessee Titans

NFL Least Favorite-Carolina Panthers (It just looks so boring!)

MLB Favorite-Atlanta Braves-Classic!

MLB Least Favorite-Toronto Blue Jays (They need a Canadianized Redo much like the Raptors)

NBA Favorite-Memphis Grizzlies

NBA Least Favorite-Philadelphia 76ers

WNBA Favorite-New York Liberty

WNBA Least Favorite-Houston Comets (Big and Ugly!)

NHL Favorite-Edmonton Oilers

NHL Least Favorite-Carolina Hurricanes (Go Back to Hartford!)

MLS Favorite-Real Salt Lake

MLS Least Favorite-LA Galaxy

AFL Favorite-Los Angeles Avengers

AFL Least Favorite-Orlando Predators

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CFL Fav-Edmonton Eskimos

CFL least Fav- Calgary Stampeders

NFL Fav- Seattle Seahawks

NFL least Fav- Pittsburgh Steelers(not because Im a bengals fan, I dont like corporate identity in team logos)

MLB fav Cincinnati Reds( the new one as seen on the boards)

MLB least fav- Houston Astros

NBA fav- Memphis Grizzlies

NBA least fav- Houston Rockets

NHL fav- Columbus Blue Jackets

NHL least fav- Chicago Blackhawks

MLS fav- Chicago Fire

MLS least fav- Chivas USA

MISL fav- Detroit Ignition

MISL least fav- Chicago Storm

MLL fav- Philadelphia Barrage

MLL least Fav- San Francisco Dragons

NLL fav- Chicago Shamrox

NLL least fav- Philadelphia Wings

WNBA fav- Connecticut Sun

WNBA least fav- Houston Comets

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CFL favourite: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

CFL least favourite: Calgary Stampeeders

MLB favourite: New York Mets

MLB least favourite: San Diego Padres

MLS favourite: DC United

MLS least favourite: Columbus Crew

NBA favourite: Boston Celtics

NBA least favourite: Houston Rockets

NFL favourite: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL least favourite: Celevland Browns (time for a real logo guys) No logo on the helmet no super bowls not a coincednce.

NHL favourite: San Jose Sharks

NHL least favourite: Buffaslug

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NHL favourite: Montréal Canadiens

NHL least favourite: Buffalo "Buffaslug" Sabres (Tampa Bay Lightning was a close second).

MLB favourite: Minnesota Twins "TC"

MLB least favourite: Cleveland Indians (even if you think PC has gone overboard, how can you defend this logo?)

CFL favourite: Hamilton Tiger-Cats

CFL least favourite: BC Lions

NFL favourite: Houston Texans

NFL least favourite: New York Jets

*To everyone who picked teh Browns as having their least favourite NFL logo, can you really hate something that doesn't excist?

MLS favourite: Toronto FC

MLS least favourite: LA Galaxy

NBA favourite: Houston Rockets

NBA least favourite: LA Clippers

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OK, here goes.........

MLB fave- Seattle Mariners

Least-Toronto Blue Jays(original logo was great!!!)

NFL fave- Tampa Bay Bucs

Least- New England Patriots

NHL fave- Chicago Blackhawks (classic!)

Least- Tampa Bay Lightning(looks like a bad high school logo)

NBA fave- Chicago Bulls

Least- Charlotte Bobcats

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Favorite NFL LOGO.....Texans.

Least Favorite NFL Logo.....Panthers logo is too big. i know its suppose to represent the general shape of North and South Carolina, but man its ackward shape.

Favorite MLB Logo............. Inidans

Least Favorite MLB logo...... Orioles, can it be any more boring than a bird

Favorite NHL Logo .............. Pens

Least Favorite NHL Logo ..... Wild

Favorite NBA Logo................ Grizzlies

Least Favorite NBA Logo........Wizzards dont know why.

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Favorite NFL Logo: 2005- Arizona Cardinals (best helmet in football)

Least Favorite NFL Logo: Cleveland Browns (never a fan of logos that are only a blank helmet)

Favorite MLB Logo: Mariners Compass-Ball Logo (without the S)

Least Favorite MLB logo: Oakland A's

Favorite NHL Logo: Vancouver Canucks (Current)

Least Favorite NHL Logo: St. Louis Blues

Favorite NBA Logo: Memphis Grizzlies (Current)

Least Favorite NBA Logo: LA Clippers

Favorite CFL Logo: Toronto Argonauts

Least Favorite CFL Logo: Edmonton Eskimos

Favorite MILB Logo: Las Vegas 51's

Least Favorite MILB Logo: Chatenooga Lookouts

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the browns have two other logos they use. just dont choose to use them on their helmets? whats so wrong about that.

Because they're little more then alternates. The primary Browns mark is the blank helmet. I'm not saying the Browns should add a logo to the helmet, but they could at least list something as their primary log so TV broadcasts have something to represent them, other then just a helmet, or an orange rectangle.

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