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Steubenville Stampede Logos that went unused


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I tried posting this a week or two ago, but thought they might be used at the last minute, but I guess not. Hwre is the link to the logo they are using now:


and the concept I introduced to them that I thought they should use. Why they went with the one they did is beond me, but what can you do.


And the evolution from my first concept I showed them to the last. I don't know how they are going to get the one that they chose to be embroidered, or any of that, but that is their problem now, as I gave them every opportunity to take this one. You'll see on this one where the idea went from the barbed wire skull, to the strange mechanical/robot bull idea, but that's what they wanted, and they just happened to combine the two to create what they have now.


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To be honest with you, I think you have a case for copywrite infringement. The one they have is essentially a photoshopped crap version of what you created for them. I could see you easily winning if you persued it.

Oh and awesome work. There isn't one thing wrong with it.

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Thanks for the comments. And actaully, it's not really about any copyright or stealing of work at all. It's the fact that we were trying to make the CIFL, formerly the GLIFL, one of the best branded minor league systems out there, (thanks to team owner input, league input, and my input), and as I think they are going to introduce one of theses logos, they introduce something that no one else signed off on, and we can't get them to change. (All because someone's feelings might get hurt).

That might not make any sense, but it seems as if the team owner, and some staff know it could be better, but someone close to the organization helped in the creation of it, and they want their logo used.

We've told them how tough embroidery will be, and the cost of printing and all that stuff, but I guess their is someone's pride at stake. You can't win them all I guess.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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