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Devils wearing 25 anniversary patch


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This is actually kind of surprizing to see. The Devils are one of the least "patched" teams in the NHL.

In their history they have worn very few patches, most of them being league-wide patches all teams wore.

Other than the NHL 75th, Stanley Cup 100th and NHL 2000, plus the Stanley Cup Finals patches, patches unique to the Devils have been few and far between.

Their 10th Anniversary patch was actually worn on the back of the jersey below the waist stripes next to the CCM logo and was literally an inch and a half tall!

They wore "3" and "4" patches for one game each last year when they retired Daneyko and Stevens numbers but last year's JM memorial patch is really the only time they have ever worn a full season patch unique to the team. That's it in the 25 year history of the team, 2, the same as the Minnesota Wild in just 5 seasons!

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