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new 06-07 ncaa bball uniforms


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these are the only basketball teams i know of for sure that are getting new college basketball uniforms.....



----ohio state

----minnesota women

----nebraska women

----uconn women

St. John's men and women. Haven't seen them yet, but they will have the new wordmark on them.

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I'm thinking the UConn men might have new uniforms as well. I've seen their practice gear and it's completely different from that of last season - everything has the word "Connecticut" instead of UConn, so it wouldn't shock me if they went with the 1991 throwbacks full-time or if they just adjusted their current look to have the state name.

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WOW! :D She is! Not to offend any female members here. But, she is.

I guess Marquette is supposed to keep up with the "Jonses" this year and have a "new" look as well with the Admirals and Bucks ??? ;-)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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