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Southern Warriors WAFA Franchise


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The first thought I had was "I hope no AFL club does anything like that because that's going to be a bugger to put on my site".

I like the plainer, simpler design, the Away jumper looks like one of my mum's tea-towels.

Interesting choice of colours, I'm not sure I've seen Sky Blue in aboriginal art before, but it seems to go well with the ochre and black.

Your warrior is very nice.

PS Your club polos are missing about 400 ads all over them. But a nice addition to the whole thing.

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Yeah I decided since its my club that I don't need to have sponsors plastered all over the gear so i went easy on them. I chose to use sky blue because my team is hosted in NSW for a clear blues reference.

Also I think I may have seen blue in some aboriginal art thogh not widespread. It all depends on the region it was painted and the availablity of materials to make the colours.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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