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Nice...similar to what I was going for in my concept a week or so ago, but I think you've pulled it off better. Good stuff.


I actually really liked yours, very clean.

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I never thought of the Giants as a team that should have sleeve striping. I think red numbers with a blue outline would be better on the road, and the home would look better with just white lettering.

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For this concept i am using the new full body football template. I LOVE IT!!! Well I tried to keep the concept, clean and traditional, while providing a new, but classic look. I made the unis, stripes and helmet... all with the same "general" striping. I evenly distributed the colors.....That was my main goal. I added grey to the combination, but i kept the overall "GIANTS" feel. Tell me how you liike em.


C&C Please

PS: Personally, I think this is my best concept ever......What do you think??

I made this in paint BTW

And I'd agree.

All personal convictions aside, this is a really clean concept here. True, one wouldn't necessarily think of the Giants as a team having sleeve stripes, but it looks good here. I know the grayish numeral outline on the blue shirt is hard to see, but I see what you were going for. It looks good; just don't know if that would work for the Giants, as it comes a little too close to what the Buffalo Bills blueshirt numbers look like.

But still...very nice concept nonetheless.

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This is superior to what they are currently wearing. Only detail I would change would be to use the GIANTS wordmark under the collar. I don't know why they changed that.

very nice concept. but you should definitely use the italicized GIANTS wordmark on the jersey instead of the block NY

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I love how this community feeds off of each other creatively. Just think that needs to be said.

I like the concept for the Giants. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. I do have a problem with the Giants in general, though as well as several other teams that fall into this category. The Giants really have no graphic identity. Everything is based on text. I'd love to see a new graphic logo created for the Giants and incorporated into the uniforms.

I think human shaped mascots are tougher to develop, but the Vikings one is pretty cool and I also remember seeing a Patriot concept made by a member here (sorry I can't remember the screen name) that was absolutely awesome.

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