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CIHL Concept Contest


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With the CIHL (see my sig) rolling along quite well, I've been waiting to do a little contest to bring out the creativity in everyone here. For the October 29th match up between the Rams & Leafs I want to have the teams sporting some Halloween-themed jerseys with, hopefully, some sort of Halloween-ish crest, shoulder logo or patch. (haven?t decided which.)

What I'm looking for:

? A Halloween-themed jersey on the template I'm providing.

? The colors should try to be as Halloween-ish as possible. Oranges, blacks, maybe even browns and greens. Whatever you think looks good.

? Create a logo that could be used as either a primary crest, shoulder logo or patch. Maybe something to do with a pumpkin, witch, ghost, tombstone or whatever you think looks pretty cool. (if possible, post it separate from the jersey itself.)

? Socks, pants and so forth aren't really important as, most likely I'll make them myself.

? Numbers and letters aren?t necessary as the only numbers the jerseys will most likely feature will just be on the back.

? Create a home white(or light color) and an away (dark) in the same design as each team will be wearing one.

The winning design will be picked by me some time after 5pm on October 25th. I'll then create them for NHL 2002 and they'll be worn in the October 29th game and featured on my website. The user who gets selected will receive full credit for their work and, if you have a website or something, I'll provide a nice plug for you :P

The one key thing to remember is, since these will be for NHL 2002, try to keep the jersey sleeves symmetrical and the game only allows for one arm on the jersey files.

Good luck, and have fun :)



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Just in case I don't get any entries, these will be the Halloween jerseys for the special game two sundays from now. They're just the teams home and away jerseys in black and orange with an orange and black CIHL logo and the Halloween pumpkin shoulder patch.



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