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NHL alt. concept by le québécois

Le Québécois

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After making a concept for altranates uniforms for the canadian teams of the NHL, here are some other by divison...

the first one, the central division... some I like, some I"m not sure about... anyway... just having fun while creating...

done in MSPaint

enjoy, c and c are welcome...




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CBS- by far the best of them all. if the bj's went with their alternate full time, i wouldn't mind if they used something similar to this as a new alternate. maybe change black to navy and make the arm pits match the rest of the jersey and you have :notworthy:

STL - i could see a fashion jersey like this maybe in 1996, but not for 2007. i do like the horn alternate, i wouldn't mind if the blues modernized the logo a bit and brought it back as an alternate.

Nas - i dont' know i'm not really feeling this one.

Det - 2 words - Not Happening. end of story.

CHI - i kinda dig it, the logo is a bit weak to stand alone though. but you are on the right track for a decent hawks alternate.

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CBJ: Switch the blue and the black and you have a true winner. Good design.

StL: Ummmm no. No yellow. Not that much anyway. Maybe as the overriding accent color, but not as the primary color.

Nash: I actually like this one the best. Nice smoke blue/gray color. Better than the one they have now.

Det: No black. There's gotta be another way to use only red and white and convey a third jersey in there. The black just takes away from the Wings' elegant look.

Chi: I like the design but I don't think that logo is strong enough to be the main one on a jersey.

Overall solid concepts, keep em coming.

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CBJ: Brilliant. If they made their current alt their home jersey, then they should use this as an alt. The only things I would change is the blue under the arms, keep the pants red, and aybe add more red to the back of the jersey and socks. I'm a little curious to see what this would look like in navy...

STL: I really like it. The red is good, the trumpet logo is good. The only thing I noticed was that the shades of blue don't quite match on the jersey, name, and numbers. That might just be my eyes though.

NSH: Ditch the wordmark on the jersey and numbers on the front. Other than that I reaaly like it.

DET: For a black Red Wings jersey, it's not bad. I don't think I'd like to see them wear this, but it's pretty good.

CHI: I can't honestly see them wearing this either, but it's not bad. I like the look of their alt logo on the front of a jersey. The red boxes around the numbers are a little distracting, and FYI, Havlat is #24.

Overall, I rather like these. Good work.

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The changes you made were all for the best.

The Blue Jackets concept has far too many stars. They're too close together, and they don't belong on the stockings. I also worry about how the red and white stripes would look ending abruptly at the side of the jersey. Abolishing the black was a worthwhile move, though.

I like that Blues logo, and the addition of red harkens back to their Gretzky era, which is a good thing. I personally don't like the way blue, yellow and red work together as a palette, but I understand the reference.

The Predators jersey does nothing for me, as a Preds fan. I understand that the Titans use a powder blue, and that's a clever thing to draw on, but I don't like the template, I've never been a huge fan of the wordmark, and the front numbers will take me years to get used to. Of course, removing either of those elements makes the jersey look very bare, so you'd need to be changing the striping so there's some more visual weight (and contrast). I don't know. Personally, I don't like it.

The Red Wings jersey (since being made white) isn't far removed from what they wear now. I think they'd probably prefer arched nameplates, though :). I wonder: has anyone thought of giving the Wings red sleeves, effectively giving each player red wings? Personally, I think the Wings should stick to a home/away set that they have now. They're too classic to allow for any modernisation, and their two-colour scheme doesn't allow a designer to produce anything significantly different to what they have now.

Blackhawks: I like the design, but the red is too washed out for me. If I had my way, the 'hawks would just wear their current red jerseys every single game :D.

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